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Caudete (Spain), 20th March 2018

To all brass music lovers:

The opening of registrations for the brass music course of V Numskull Brass Festival Caudete will start on 1st April 2019, including all specialities: trombone, trumpet, french horn, tuba and euphonium.

The registration process will take two easy steps:

  • Filling out an online form that you will find in this website from 1st April 2019.
  • Making the payment according to the instructions that you will find together with the aforementioned online form.

Registrations will be limited to a certain number. So that, if you are willing to attend to this course, we recommend you to apply as soon as possible.

¿Do you have any questions? Visit our frequent asked questions section or contact us.

V Numskull Brass Festival Caudete

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