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What is Numskull Brass Festival Caudete?

Numskull Brass Festival Caudete is a brass music festival held each summer in the town of Caudete (Spain) and centred on two main activities:

  • Night Concerts Series, free concerts specialized in brass music.
  • Brass Music Festival, a course for the perfection of brass music, specialized in Trombone, trumpet, French horn, tuba and euphonium.


What are the objectives?

Numskull Brass Festival Caudete aims at becoming a model in the strengthening and broadcasting brass music, achieving its goals of approaching the music to all types of audience; gaining new audience and promoting and making the new generation of musicians receive great acknowledgement.

Where is it held?

All the activities are entirely developed in Caudete (Spain), a town with approximately 10.000 inhabitants, located in the province of Albacete (inside the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha), within a distance of less than 20 km from the provinces of Alicante, Murcia and Valencia.

This town is very well-connected, either by train or highway, to the airports of Alicante or Madrid.

You can buy train tickets for travelling around Spain on Caudete’s nearest train station is «Villena AV» (located in Villena, a city of the province of Alicante).

Where can I find touristic information about Caudete and Spain?

If you are interested in making the most of your trip to Spain to go sightseeing, send us an email to

When does it start and when does it end?

NBFD dates annually change, however it is normally held during the last fortnight in July. The fourth edition of the festival will start on Monday, July 16th 2018 and it will end on Friday, July 20th 2018.

What is the Night Concerts Series?

The Night Concerts Series is a series of several specialized concerts in the brass music held each year in the setting of each new edition of the Numskull Brass Festival Caudete, where some musicians like Javier Castaño, David Rejano or Lars Karlin, just to mention three of them, have performed.

The Night Concerts Series is made up of one concert per day while the festival is taking place.

How much is the ticket price and how can I get one?

There is free access to each one of the performances of the Night Concerts Series until full capacity is reached. It is highly recommended to go to the concert hall at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the concert.

Some of these concerts can be watched live on the Internet (the organization will share the links to watch the concerts through its website when the venue deadline is approaching).

Are there accessible facilities or amenities to assist people with handicap impaired mobility?

Yes, the venue access is suitable for wheel chairs.

What is the Brass Music Festival of Numskull Brass Festival Caudete?

The Brass Music Festival of Numskull Brass Festival Caudete is a course for the perfection of music available for all ages, levels and origins, specialized in trombone, trumpet, French horn, tuba and euphonium.

This music course works like a summer camp or intensive summer course:

  • The students are given both individual and collective classes during the day (morning and afternoon time schedule)
  • They take part in activities which are not included in the formal education system along the school year.
  • They attend the Night Concerts Series.
  • They take part in the Concert of Students.

Who is it aimed at? Who can sign up?

This course is aimed at students who play the trumpet, trombone (alto and bass), French horn, tuba and euphonium. There is no age limit and it doesn’t matter the country you are from. The course is aimed at students with different training levels. The only essential requirement to take part is being fully excited and willing to have fun making music.

Are foreign students allowed?

Absolutely! This course admits students from all over the world, no matter your nationality or culture.

How much is the enrolment and what is it included?

The enrolment is 150€ per student (taxes included). The price is the same for each specialty and it includes the accommodation, access to all the individual and collective classes, supplementary activities and concerts.

Is there any accommodation available for the students?

Indeed, every Numskull Brass Festival Caudete student will be able to enjoy the accommodation, for free, along the whole stay (including the night before the opening –from Sunday to Monday- and the night after the closing –from Friday to Saturday-).

How are meals arranged every day of the course? Are meals included in the enrolment fee?

The organization of this festival provides the students with a meal schedule: breakfast, lunch and dinner, on each day of the course, for 15€ a day. All these meals are served in a restaurant placed really closed to the accommodation, offering the possibility of being inside the venue area at all times. This schedule is offered with the goal of allowing students to eat together in the same place, with no need to find somewhere to eat and being able to make the most of this experience.

Students of legal age are free to follow this plan. Underage students must necessarily follow this meal schedule, unless they come together with their parents.

The price of the meals is not included in the enrolment, so each student must have enough money to pay during the whole course. However, those who wish to pay in advance can do it, having to make contact with the organization through the email

Regarding the other meals (elevenses, afternoon snack or other snacks), in the promenade where the school is located and where classes take place, there are many shops such as ice-cream parlours, bakeries, restaurants or newsstands. The school also has a vending machine with drinks and snacks.

Where must the instruments and other personal belongings be stored out of the teaching timetable (for example, at night)?

Out of the teaching timetable, the instrument, as well as the rest of the belongings of each student needed for the classes, will be stored in the facilities provided, which will be closed to the public.

In addition, the accommodation will remain closed at the times in which the students are inside. However, it is recommended not to leave your valuable objects unattended inside.

If I’m under 18, is there any impediment?

Absolutely not! Numskull Brass Festival Caudete is a coursed aimed at students of all ages and training levels.

As an underage, what do I need to know before enrolling?

All underage students must submit their parents’ or tutors’ permission, according to what is stated in the enrolment site, to be able to take part.

Although the course pace is adapted to the individual capacities of each student, it is important to know that the teaching classes start at 9:30 am and end at 7 pm, with a lunch break from 2 pm to 4 pm, and there will be concerts from 10 pm until 12 am, approximately, every night.

Are there any supervisors watching them? Is this service included in the enrolment?

Yes, indeed. Several supervisors will be in charge of watching the underage students during the hours out of the teaching period. This service is included in the enrolment price, so there is no extra cost on that.

Will the supervisors watch the students during the evening and night? And at meal times?

Yes. The time the supervisors have with the students includes the different lunch times, as well as every night of the course, because the supervisors will be staying in the same accommodation provided by the festival.